‘Esparza Fitness offers a variety of training for all levels of fitness and personal goals. We provide one on one personal training as well as group training for those who would like to train with friends and/or family. We also provide fitness classes that we call Teams. We have the Fit Team that’s compatible to a Boot Camp class for those who are interested in losing weight, burning calories and adding a little bit of lean mass. We also have the Strength Team for those who are looking to add strength and size to their bodies. Certain Sundays we have Sunday Challenges for those of you who enjoy stepping up to a challenging workout and maybe getting your hands a little dirty.

Esparza Fitness also offers Competition Coaching for Athletes interested in competing in modeling, bodybuilding or Running/Racing events.

One of the most difficult parts of living a healthy lifestyle is the diet and nutrition. Well not anymore, we’ll simplify that for you in no time to get you on track to a healthier diet.

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Fitness People,

In 2013 The Esparza Fitness/Shake It Up Team learned the true power of Mind Over Matter. We turned up the intensity and pain in brand new forms of training taking our team to new heights that many of us probably never thought possible. We took our health & fitness to the next level….Competition. We are now competitive members in Mud Runs, Road Races, Stage Modeling and Bodybuilding.

2014 is going to be a very exciting year for all of us. Our team continues to grow and amaze at everyone’s rate of improvement. What started out as a group of ordinary people with a dream of living a healthier lifestyle has transformed into a family of extraordinary athletes that believe in themselves and each other. It has been an honor and privilege to be a part of this amazing family. Seeing what we’ve accomplished in this last year makes me all the more excited and motivated to show people what we can do in 2014.

The vacation is over, time to show our bodies a brand new kind of pain!


2014 Upcoming Events & Challenges:

-2014 Transformation Challenge: February 3rd

-Esparza Fitness Elite Team Challenge – Extreme Exercise Course for Time

-Atlas Mud Run/Temecula (7-9 Miles) – February 22/23 (Team Challenge)

-Irvine Mud Run 5K – March 29th (Team Challenge – accepting new members)

More To Come!


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